63-Las Cavernas de Marmol, Rio Tranquilo

During the crossing with the ferry,e took advantage in talking with several folks about the North route around Lago General Carrera. It was in construction and closed for several hours during the day, due to dimamite explosions. it was clear to me, that option for me was out.....then the other option was to take the Southern route from Chile Chico to Puerto Gaudal and Puerto Rio Tranquilo where the famous Cavernas de Marmol are located.Doing some more research a lot of people where saying the road was bad very narrow and in construction. It looked like construction was done everywhere.  I gravel I go slow and the distances a great,  so it would take me to long to get there in time.

Time is starting to be an issue at this point. Like some of you Advriders have mentioned, yes I am riding into the winter. Now I feel that I should not linger to much site seeing here, I am gambling with the weather a difficult choice to make. 

The weather was great and so…made the decision and took the decision to take and extras day for this visit. If I do not make it to the bottom of Tierra del Fuego I will have made a wonderful trip and seen the most beautiful parts of Chile.

Therefore I took the easy option to let my bike behind in Chile Chico and go with Crick and Crock in their car....pictures to come from around lake General Carrera and the Cavernas de Marmol…


© Nina Boonacker 2012