62-From Coyhaique to Chile Chico

There was a lot of frost in the morning  Roads coud be icy too, so remebered to have seen a motorcyle dealer Yamaha around the block and asked if they could change the oil. They where were welcoming, did change the oil and even lubed my chain and washed the bike. I felt good to have my bike ready for some good long miles ahead. It was a good use fo some warming hours.

Of course while waiting the asking questions and lots of talking about traveling happens. The owner and another partner where in the process of having an additional outfitting business going. Renting motorcycles and organizing tours with a support vehicle. If there was a mechanical problem they could solve that on the road and if bike passangers got tired of riding on the back seat, they could rest in the vehicle too. The whole program would be comfortable camping with good food the flexibility to stay longer at places where the customer felt doing so. I thought a nice idea, there are many ways of traveling so I hope they are successful.

After the service it was time in search of a bank to get cash.
In this area cash is the safe way to go, if you want to buy something, gas or food. The Town of Puyuhaupi has no bank and even no ATM machine for cash withdrawal. Some hotels you can pay with credit card but not in places to eat. They repeated several times we should fill up with cash in Coyhaique, before you continue South on the Carretera Austral. No banks in the smaller towns they warned us.

Once filled with fuel, cash and calmed our hunger, we headed out to Puerto Ingeniero Ibanez to cross with the ferry to Chile Chico.


© Nina Boonacker 2012