Rode all day yesterday to reach Mazatlan. This part of the road is not the best, as for safety concerns. We did not linger around, just filled up for gas an arrived very hungry at 3 PM. it was a 9hr ride, but again through some beautiful landscape and arriving at our reserved ‘Hotel Las Flores’

This morning it was clear and sunny, our view from our room over the ocean and the palm trees swinging in the soft morning wind made our spirits high.

First of all, we denied an offer to have a free breakfast from the hotel and showing us some good vacation deals, instead went to the nearest place to have breakfast. Omlet with shrimp and mushrooms.....hm, was a good and a great way to start the day.

Our goal was to get to the center with the local bus, find an information center and then visit the most interesting buildings.

The bus took us to the market, crossed through it looking what they had to offer and then to the Cathedral of Mazatlan.

…the local police...

Arrived at the tourist information, a nice building, but they where closed until the end of the carnival festivities. So much for informing tourist during an important time of the year.

Walked by a small art institute, a young student gave us some interesting information about the formation of the town. When Mazatlan was founded, it had no drinking water only salty ground water due to be in the marshes near the sea, so the construction of the buildings where such, to collect all the water on the roofs and store it in cisterns.

A nice model of the main buildings was there and was illuminated specially for us.

Now we really where looking forward to see how it looks today.

Below, still walking towards the Plaza Machado.

© Nina Boonacker 2012