22-Carnival & Fireworks battle in Mazatlan

Mazatlan has one of the bigest carnivals in Mexico, and considered the 3rd largest after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans festivities.

Today was the day of the battle, a representative battle between the French and the Mexican army where the mexicans won the battle.

The fireworks where in the evening at 11 PM so we had the whole day for us ahead.

First a good breakfast in the same place we had dinner the evening before, where a charming Tony was offering some tours to see the fireworks by boat in the bay.

Debating our possibilities, we thought it was the best way to see the fireworks. We had recived an offer to see it from a boat, they offered beer food and other drinks on board but what was appealing, they would  bring us back home to the hotel late at night. So we decided a good and safe way to see the festivities at night. We decided to take the offer.

Later in the day, the beach waves had calmed down. I wanted to swimm in the ocean I had not done for a long time,  so decided to take a plunge in the Pacific. The water was.....fantastic....clean water and perfect temperature, not many people on the beach a perfect time for to indulge the sea.

In the late afternoon we decided to go back to the old quarter  ‘Plaza Machado’  and see it in full ambience. Keshau choose one of the restaurants to have a nice dinner, we sat there for a long time listening to live music and watching people walking by.

We did not know how far the harbor was from where the Katamaran boat would leave. We decided to take the ‘Pulmonia’ taxi, translated the ‘Neumonia‘ to bring us to the place.   We showed the driver the ticket which had a little map on it and there we drove off with him along the dark unknown streets.

He dropped us off at the harbor, but in the wrong place, so walked and asked and walked even more until finding the right place where the boat supposed to leave. But.....no boat in sight.....it smelled fishy to me, because we where the first ones to be there, but....no worries  because soon more people arrived and yes it was the place...so they  said.

8 PM was the departure to sea, but it was 7:45 PM and no boat in sight.

I started to get frustrated and argued with the fellow, but he assured us that the boat would arrive. We waited little longer and sure enough, here  was the Katamaran arriving at the dock. On board we went and after another long wait but with beer and food for every one and even handing out a masks to all of us.  Eventually the engine started and off we where.

For a long while we where in the harbor until the captain decided to head out of the harbor and around a cape to the bay area where the fireworks display was going to take place.

Soon we had this in front of us and lasted for half an hour. It was a wonderful evening.

© Nina Boonacker 2012