53-Punta Lavapie

Heading further South from Santiago my exrta layer of clothing was not enough. After riding for two hours I was feeling the chill getting into my bones. What a change just in a couple of days. When refueling I decided to dig up from my bag the electrical jacket. 

YES it works on my bike wouthout depleting the battery. I made sure that the alternator was poweful enough to keep running with the heated jacket for many hours.

Ah what a delight after a warm cup of coffee and now riding nice and toasty. So reached Concepcion where I would meet Crick and Crock again.

I had been putting a lot of kilometers the last few days even a day in Santiago was to short for me, so it was a resting day, but not without seeing some beautiful coast. Today we had a tour to Punta Lavapie little south of Conceptcion.

Here some pictures from along the coast. 


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This is because the tsunami that destroyed everything 5 years ago. The government built thousand of houses in just 4 years.


G'day Old Weed. 

I don't know if you are still planning on getting to Ushuaia this trip. There is a pass before you get there called Garibaldi and it was a nasty day indeed for me in January 2001 getting my frozen ass over that pass. It snowed, it hailed and sleeted and the wind was awful. I am a hearty traveler but I would not attempt it this time of year and any later makes it just worse.

Your writing style along with your photos make a great narrative.

I am subscribed now so I can follow along as you venture forth into the unknown.

Safe travels.


Thank you DiasDePlaya, ....can you be my guide???? It is so nice to get the questions answered. Yes I have seen many of the same type of small houses. I was wondering why so many, but there is always a reasons for things you see.


I am inside of a small hotel in a little town. Wind is howling outside and rain is coming down. I realize summer is over. Like I said this trip has to be fun, I can endure cold and rain but there is a limit to how much I want to tough out. I am open to many options. For one thing I am going to ride down the island of Chiloe and discover that beauty they have mentioned to me. Cross with the ferry to Chaiten and ride the Carretera Austral further south which should be beautiful. Some ADV members have mentioned that I should NOT miss it. I just cross fingers the weather stays more or less dry. Having done that stretch I will see how things go. No promisses to be a hero.....I am just an Old Weed.

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