52-Santiago de Chile

Arrived in Santiago where I had made reservations at a hostel called 'Aji Hostel'. It said it was only women, so I though I have nothing against it. I thought it could be run by nuns or I was joking to myself .....may be a convent. But ....the building was not looking like a convent.:) It looked like a young backpacker place with very good reviews and the price was good. So there I got the adress and transfered it to my GPS.

Finally my GPS is working hurray...and it guided me with no problems through the busy city. Parked outside in front of the hostel door and entered to ask if they had my reservation and where to park my bike. A mid age man was waiting to get a room to. Hmmmm…..apparently not all female….but that is Ok. Mixed is more fun any way. It happens to be a German guy who had just dropped his bike off for shipping it back to Germany. He just came back from where I plan to go...excellent I thought....I can ask lots of questions...ha,ha..

He got to his room and I got now my room. Later we chatted about his trip, he did not tell much, probably he was tired so I went out to get some food to eat in my room.

Next day was Saturday and wanted to see little bit of the city. Saturdays normally is a lot of activity going on.  
Santiago has an extensive metro system and my hostel was not in the center. What better then to experiment the metro system here,... to go site seeing.
The receptionist gave me a map in the hostel and there I went.



I'm happy because my wife and I will meet Abosit today at 7:00 pm here in Santiago.


Dias De Playa: you are fast as on your bike! 

Thanks for the great evening to both of you, I have not been back to my room so late for a long time. Time just got by so fast. You gave me lots of info where to go and what to see, inmensly appreciated.

© Nina Boonacker 2012