50-Atacama Desert

Leaving early in the morning for a tour to the Salt flats and the Miscanti and Miñiques Lakes.

For some of you wondering why I take tours or ride to the places I visit.
I have chosen the option of a tour for several reason. First the places to visit are sometime very remote like the last one.
I paid $67 US for a full day. Booked through the Hostel I stayed. 
From 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM. They served a nice breakfast (pickinck style at the fist salt flats.) Coffee, juice fresh baguette bread, slices of salami and slices of cheese and marmalade if you wanted too. Plenty of food. Lunch was a t a local restaurant in a small village.
Big plate of good soup and a plate with rice and meat. You had option for vegetarian too for the people who wants that. Drinks where juice.
It was a full intense day with 2 hr ride to the different places. Part was paved, but then rest was gravel and washboards, they drive really fast over that stuff. Poor vehicles!! 
It was not too crowded, there was another van/ group but they normally stay away from each other so not to interfere with each other for pictures taking.

In addition I have the opportunity to ask a LOT of questions and will learn more.

Peru the tours where less expensive, as all Peru the cost is lower. Tours went around $30 US for a whole day. Some with and some without lunch. Can not remember where we had lunch.
Peruvian tours had the driver and a guide. the guides where excellent. Very knowledgeable and willing to explain all the questions you my have. They are well prepared. I really liked that I would never have found out by myself. It just makes me wanting to know more now.

Hope that helps for some of you planing to visit sites.


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Abosit! you're the first report I go into while officially joining the club... what can I say except BRAVO!!!!  I myself am doing a symmilar trip and now about to enter Bolivia... then heading north... would have loved crossing you!!! 

Just wanted to say hi and have a great ride!

Btw, I'm not a big recommendation guy. But if you're going down south I can only say The Carretera Austral in Chile is something out of this world. Keep up the good ride!


Alfventura: would have loved to cross paths with you. Always so exciting to count the experiences.I am planning to take the Carretera Austral. Have heard horror stories about it, so getting me mentally prepared. Rain, wind gravel....alll those goodies :)I am NOT a good dirt rider. I thought by the time I get down there I will be forced to get better......hm....until now I has been easy, so will have to see.I always have been a lucky girl...so lets stretch it to Ushuaia...right?Any info from you, some special stretches you remember how to tackle will be helpful.....for this old weed :)

Oh by the way from BARCELONA!! I have lived there for more then 30 years. :)

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