49-From Iquique to San Pedro de Atacama

I had a wonderful ride again. Was looking forward t get to San Pedro de Atacama and the descend to the valley wa breathtaking for its rock formations. It was in the afternoon and the sun has a special light wich makes it more beautiful.


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Chat Lunatique:

I see you are using the Givi Trekker topbox. I have the same box for my upcoming India trip but I am concerned about the durability of it because the lid latching mechanism looks a little flimsy.


I have had my top box now for 4 years on my other bike. Have done probably 25000 miles with it. I was concerned with leakage on the part which can be opened. So I closed it from new and never opened it. Never any problems no leakage and is solid as a one piece lid.
I have stuffed things in it sometimes hard to close and never a problem. That was the reason to take this one with me I know it works.

May be if you are concerned make sure the latches are secure, mine are and never worry about it. Hope this helps.
In addition the box is easy to take off if needed

Diasdeplaya:   Abosit, a ver si logramos coordinar agendas cuando te acerques a Santiago para compartir una cerveza o algo así. Mi mujer estará encantada de conocerte, ya que la mayoría de los viajeros con que me reúno solo hablan inglés y ella no lo habla, así que habitualmente no participa.


Lets se if we can cooridnate agendas when you get to Santiago to share a beer or something like that. My wife will be happy to meet you, because the majority of travelers I meet speak english and she does not, so she normaly does not participate.



Would love to get together. 
Te mande un mensaje personal sobre días estimados :)

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