24-Ride to Loja with two ADV riders

I finnally crossed path with two fellow riders  in Colombia.  Met at a near by place and chatted for a long time about their trips around the world. Well that are some big adventures!


My post on ADV rider:

So….Today left Cuenca but not alone!  

I met two handsome guys from ADV rider. Great youngsters and they came all the way from Canada. 

Let me tell you, they are posting here in ADV too and they are a hoot.

Check them out ....my trip is nothing compared to theirs.

MotoMavericks ride WR250R's RTW. Motos, Beer, Adventure

What a nice camaraderie is in this riding community, it is fun to share setup of the bikes, stories about the trips and time flies talking over a beer.

So today these two riders where my companions on the road… 

ADVriders post:

We had the great pleasure to meet and ride with Abosit yesterday! We spent the evening before talking about motos, travel, adventure and all the usual stuff that ADV people like to chat about. It was pretty cool to sit at a table with a friend who is the age of my grandma, drink beer (I am fighting some sort of stomach bug or something and have been for almost a week and was not able to enjoy one but they did) and talk about motorbikes.

I'm sure we will cross paths many more time as our schedules are so similar. I hope we are the first people on your speed dial when your bike needs servicing or your bored on the road and need riding/beer drinking partners

Cheers to you Abosit, you are an inspiration to many!! 

Here we are setting off

You can see the smile behind the reflection of that Shuberth!

This is what 750cc's of displacement looks like!


CJ:I have been thinking of you, planning to camp with a bad tummy. Hope things are improving!!....soon!!! So may be change of mind due that you have internet. Any luck with tires??What great photos, I like the one while I am riding. Thanks,.... those are rare! I will download them for my memories.You are funny 750cc displacement!! Ha, ha...that is a good one!! If we cross paths again, dinner and beer is on me!

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