25-Loja to Macará, the border with Peru

Today a great ride again and change in elevation. Arrived in Macará early and was good. Just before the tropical rain. 

Not many miles, but wanted to be early at the border.

Macara has not many  places to stay overnight, but a border towns has people waiting to cross so found a room in the only place to stay.

 Will see how the crossing goes tomorrow.


ADVriders Comment:


I hope you are well stocked with Flagyl and Cipro.



Thanks for your recommendation. I have Cipro with me, was no need for it, 

but will put on the notes Flagyl (Metronidazole)


I'm also a CRF250L owner. Could you talk more about what mods you have done to the bike?Looks like Flatlanders skidplate and radiator guard. MoskoMoto BC35s (I use them on my NC700x). What racks are those? Have you done anything to strengthen the rear subframe? Have you done any suspension mods?


Here si a list of things on my bike: Hope that gives you some insight:

Honda CRF250LKouba link

Corbin Low seatWindshield (TCI products)  

Powerlet connection  
Garmin cradle  
Mosko Moto-Soft bags…35 L
Sequoia racks from CRF-only……
Topcase (Givi trekker my old one)…… .
Honda rear luggage rack givi compatible
Acerbis 3.1 Galon fuel tank………
Radiator guard —Flatland Racing Skid Plate & Rad Guard Combo (FL250LCOMBO) 
Heidenau tires   (Heidenau K60 (NON Scout) K60 130/80 – 18 M/C 72T TT
Replaced regular factory chain with O-rings and used X-rings instead, 
old chain as spare
Have factory shocks 

Carry as spare:
Sprockets - front and rear  
Brake pads -
Air filter -- The original paper air filter will be replaced by a foam filter, which we can clean and use several time (Unifilter Australia
Y have old chain as spare with me.( Was still as new)
Factory shocks are from factory...hope they last.

ADVrider question:

Pictures which have you in it, are so few, I'm curious.


Riding by myself there are not many opportunities to take pictures of me, sometime I ask someone when I want a memory of the that place. Will try my best, my family probably want to see me too.

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