Yesterday after seeing the Mundo Cuervo, we left towards Guadalajara. I had punched in the address of a hostel and found it very easy, the only problem was parking our bikes.

Keshau stayed by the bikes to look after them and I walked to several parking lots to ask if we could park the bike overnight.

No, was the answer to several of them, they do not want to risk that the bike is stolen when it is locked, well I thought, they must know their town. The only place we could park the 2 bikes was where they had a person watching overnight, but they charged by the hour and was more expensive as a room for the night.

I tried to explain in nice voice if they could reduce the cost,

but no. So I said nicely thank you and left,......but frustrated.

While walking back trough the streets I saw an underground parking and it was from a Best Western. I went to the receptionist and asked prices including motorbike parking it was 350 pesos more, but had all the services we needed.

Made a decision right at the spot to take it and be done with looking for a room.

Parked, showered and went to see the center of Guadalajara which is a nice town with many beautiful old buildings.

Walked back to the hotel where Keshau was waiting and we should load the bikes and head towards  Morelia.

The day was cloudy and it looked that it would rain.  Getting out of Guadalajara was going fine until we took a wrong turn. Stopping and analyzing the situation took the chance to put some rain gear on. Now following the GPS we ended up in some bizarre neighborhoods, going uphill and more uphill until here....

Finally arriving at Morelia and having had enough of that rain and cold temps, by that time now in the low 50 ish, stopped at the first hotel with some kind of courtyard to park the bikes and quit the day.

Dinner was what we could find in our boxes some almonds and some cookies and water. Felt good.  Then...looked for a while at our road map for next day options.  More rain!! Sleeping......well trucks where braking with the engines along the road, so I decided to put my ear plugs and fell a sleep with no problems.

© Nina Boonacker 2012