25-Tequila - Jose Cuervo Factory

Yesterday we arrived to late to visit the Tequila Distillery of Jose Cuervo. The largest producer in Mexico and the one exported all over the world.

We waited for the noon tour where they had an english speaking guide.

In the mean time I had a real coffee on the plaza and then walked around to see the church and plaza.

I saw so many fields with these trees from the road, I found out they where Mango trees, are now in bloom and give fruit in May.

Another tree do not know the name, I saw growing wild in the mountains now up close.

Then we loaded up the bikes because they wanted us to charge more pesos for the hours after  parked after 9 AM. Keshau said there was parking at the Tequila factory

so there we went to over some nasty cobblestones road, but could park.

The entrance for the tours.

…the raw product...

…same prodiuct steamed, it converts to sugar...

...the ovens where they are steamed...

…the tequila in the barrels…not pictures alowed for the destilation process...

We could sample the tequila, but had to continue to ride on our bikes after the tour, so we just moistened our lips, so to say.

At the end they showed us this mural with the interpretation of the whole tequila making process. Painted by the local artist Carlos Torres.

returend via the patio admiring the different scupltures…

© Nina Boonacker 2012