2-Getting impatient for my departure!!

The last few days the temperatures where around -20F. Brrrr........

I have revised my list of ‘taking along’ and ‘to do’ several times. I think I have not missed many things, but......as I am human something will be missing, but not something I could not live without.

Yesterday Pedro ordered for me a multi-pod to connect my little pocket-video camera to my bike. It will be shipped to California, yes they where closed during the holidays, had to wait until Jan. 5 to order that. I still will have time to mount it once I have my bike again.

Tomorrow I will get my vaccinations taken care of. The requirements are: hepatitis A,B, malaria, typhoid, tetanus and ( H1N1....?)

All is well on its way now.

I am getting from my family very indirect info about dangerous happenings in Mexico.

I worry that... they worry. But ,....understandable.......so....

I respond to my sons comment,   ‘no riding in Durango area’.....Yep, don’t worry I will not!!

I will join my friend Keshau, also called Lucky-Devil, probably in Los Angeles, we still have not finalized the when and where details.

So, for now just waiting........

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