3- Destination - California

Eventually all things have come together. Left Friday the airport of MInneapolis and after a beautiful flight over the Rocky Mountains, landed at the airport in Ontario, Ca.

Pedro was waiting for me and we drove straight to the BMW dealer in Pomona to see my bike. I had an appointment for the next morning for a tire change, but was there with enough time and they did that the same afternoon, we had a cup of coffee around the corner while the dealer did the job. 

After that, I confronted California traffic and  followed Pedro to the hotel. It was great , temperatures 65F and sunny and the fresh air running through my helmet made me feel so great!

Next day I was keeping track of Keshau’s progress on her SPOT. Her ride from San Francisco seemed to be good, doing some good mileage and arrived around 3PM at the hotel.

In the evening we where invited for dinner at some freinds house.

© Nina Boonacker 2012