13-Riding again direction Loreto

The morning started rainy, packed our bikes, put rain gear on and headed first to Santa Rosalia. An old french town, but over the years very little is left to see from the french influence. It is a harbor town and there runs a ferry to Guaymas which makes it much more active than some of the other coastal towns.

But first we had to descend the steep hills called ‘Cuesta del Infierno’ (Hell’s hill). Which they warned us to be very careful. With rain and oil on the road from the trucks we where anticipating some challenges. Luck stuck us, when arriving to the descend it was dry, and yes very tight and curvy road but nothing we could not handle with ease.

No pictures from there!!  But here pictures from Sta. Rosalia

We stopped to walk around an find the famous bakery in the pictures, and purchased a bun. It was really flavorful.

A bakery where we purchased some pastry.

Then entered the church

Continued along the coast...

At Bahia de Concepcion we wanted to stop, but  by then it was pouring rain, and with the unpaved roads they become full of mud, getting stuck was not one of our desires,  therefore  continued South, where it started to dry out. Here some of the peaceful views

Eventually the sun came out, stopped to take off our rain gear and finally reached Loreto, where we looked for a hotel and had a well deserved meal.

© Nina Boonacker 2012