12-Las Ballenas - The Whales

Today we went cross country but not on the bikes but in a van to see the whales. Let me tell you it was an experience. But first before enduring the long ride, coffee at the plaza.

We took an organized tour in San Ignacio which would bring us to the coast to the Laguna de San Ignacio.

It is 41 miles away and it took us two hours to reach the coast over  a dirt road with plenty of washboards and potholes. So, you can calculate the speed, not more than 20 mph bumping along the desert. The driver told us that every 15 trips they change shocks to the vehicle. I was not surprised.

A fish-eagle was having his meal very close to us.

The captain handed us life-jackets and went with one of these small boats out to the laguna to se the gray whales. 

…and here the whales realy close by.

…the sceleton of a whale…  had also lunch at the facilty below...

Then is was back to San Ignacio and walk around and see the church on the plaza.

…chruches are very bright inside..

© Nina Boonacker 2012