78-Arrival home


The last morning in Des Moines, I had my the last nice surprise. I met  a women at my hotel who had done the iron but rally last year, after she heard I had no breakfast at the hotel that early at 6:00 AM, she invited me for breakfast at 6:00AM in the morning, 

I did and was spoiled with excellent breakfast. What more didi I need for my last ride home….pricelss and so much fun.

Thank you ADV followers for all your support, it has been so great from each one of you. It was also fun for me and made me smile many times and help when I had some little problems. I have tried to answer your questions but I may have missed some of you, if so, if it was important to yours one more time, I will keep checking this threat for a short time just in case.

All in all,..... my trip has been EPIC Ride for me. I have had no issues with my bike performance, I haven't had any issues with close encounters in the wild traffic, the dogs have behaved with me and the people......well I can not describe it properly. Total strangers being so genuine nice to you. Curious where you are coming from and where you are going. Not only that I have noticed that they are very caring between themselves. Never heard any harsh tone anywhere.

On my return segment here in the USA many people asked me, which country I liked the best. I answered them... they are all so different. I can not say which one I prefer, it is like asking me, which of your children you prefer. They have individual traits, customs and way of going about their daily life. I love them all and certainly I will be back hopefully not to much in the future.

I will go over the notes I have about my trip and will post it. I know many of you want to know cost of traveling. The part I have been traveling alone is the easiest part to asses. Due to having been riding with Crick and Crock for a while, there it is more difficult, but will try to get some info as good as I can. I just need a few days to get settled and organize all what I have.

Entering my driveway!!

..amazing…..yes….back from where I left….


As promised here I am trying to summarize some of the things for interest to some of you.


My Honda CRF 250 has been the perfect bike for traveling in South America. Was happy to have enough alternator capacity to use a heated vest and fuel injection helped to avoid problems in high altitude.

I have met a few persons with bigger bikes 800cc and 1200cc and they felt that they had to big of a bike. Riders I met with small bikes where happy with their choice.

Mileage: Roads —11000 miles

Ferry : 1500miles (Puerto Natales - Puerto Montt)

Airfare: Santiago de Chile to Houston, TX

SEA shipping-Ft. Luderdale to Cartagena Colombia


2 oil changes (Synthetic oil)


Heidenau- Rear: K60 130/80 – 18 M/C 72T (Non Scout)

I have been consistent at mantaining correct pressure 40 psi on pavement. I think this has helped with the wear on my tires.

Replaced after 9500 miles, could have made 1500 miles more, but I changed it because I had with me a new one with me and did not want to ship it home.(gave my used tire away for others to use)

Chain and sprocket: 

still the same and in good condition. Cleaning and oiling every 700-800 miles.
When in dirt, cleaned more often as I thought was needed.

Fuel:  have used regular fuel all the times.

Cost of shipping: 

Sea shipping-Motorcycle COST Florida -Colombia

$ 700 Ocean Freight

$ 328 Harbor fees

$ 200 Agent Fees SamericaXplorer

$ 300 Agent in Colombia

$ 75- Harbor fees in Cartagena,Co

Total $1603

Motorcycle shipping Cost Santiago de Chile to Houston, TX 

$1760 Freight and agent + packing bike $1760

$40 USA customs in Houston

Total $1800

Logistics: Tip

Entering Colombia by air from the USA.

If someone of you are starting your trip from Colombia and you are flying in from the US, you can NOT enter that county with only a one way ticket. This happened to me while leaving the airport in Florida. It is the airlines Law!!

There are two options.
-Have a round trip and loose one segment or
-Buy a one way trip to Colombia and one Refundable return ticket.

I had to purchase a refundable return ticket at the airport when leaving and I did get my refund of that ticket a week later.

Border crossings:
No fees for crossing borders.

Had to purchase local liability insurance in each country

No Fees in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
Fees in Chile like a car
Argentina very small fee

Average $ for Hotels/ Hostels:
Needed features when searching:
Wifi, Breakfast, parking for the bike and private bath if possible.

Colombia, Ecuador and Peru 
$25 room (single person)

Chile and Argentina: 
was between $30-45

Am I missing something......let me know.... just ask.
Was so much fun to be in contact with all of you.
You where a great support during my trip it has meant a lot for me.

I will still be lurking here and may be get inspired for another trip.....who knows :)


© Nina Boonacker 2012