73-Back to Santiago de Chile

Well….. left Valdivia and headed towards Los Angeles. It was just an overnight place to stay. I had a good ride and found accomodations for the night. Next morning in  front of our hotel was the weekly local market going on in the morning.

Always surprises!!

After 7 hr of riding made it back in Santiago de Chile.  Half way was rain and the other half was dry so could speed up on the highway.

These days will be just hanging out here in Santiago, meeting some friends we made along the journey and Monday will contact the shipping company. Once that is resolved, it will be some time with Crick and Crock before they depart home.

In Santiago you can not get bored because there is NOT  a lack of things to see.



That's awesome Abosit! I can imagine, that as awesome as the ride was, it's bittersweet now with that part being wrapped up. You will miss it, but get to return home to loved ones, and in the improving weather to boot. The graffiti style art was nice. And the chicken was more than fresh, it was almost certainly raised outdoors and ate natural foods without growth hormones nor antibiotics, plus it's a healthy breed able to walk around on its own legs. If anything, what should give us pause is the way we buy chicken here, not there where it's more wholesome. Looking forward to knowing how shipping goes for you out of Santiago since everyone else I've read who shipped back has done so out of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile may you enjoy your next few days there. Que le vaya bien!

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