After having new rear tire and a clean bike,,,,,, sooooooo clean... that I was SLIDING in my saddle :)

The day was misty leaving Puerto Montt and  heading towards Valdivia, but soon it started to clear up. Not sunny but good for riding again.  

It is always such a nice feeling moving on, but also this time with a different feel. It is heading slowly home. It gives some mixed feelings, it is returning and not focusing to your goal which has been spinning all the time in my head. There was not a pressure for me to reach Ushuaia, but it was a goal and you have the desire to reach that goal. Once achieved and the goal has accomplished…yes... there is all the road back and feels very different.  Now is, the thought how to reach Santiago and figure out my shipping back to the USA. Logistics are spinning now in my head.

But still time to visit Valdivia.


© Nina Boonacker 2012