69-Flight to Puerto Montt

Well the last day in Puerto Natales, shipping my bike by ferry all by itsef a weird feeling.  I cross fingers it will arrive MORE or less on time and in GOOD condition. There was a thick mist here all those days and the ferry could not come into the harbor. Sooo....handed her over my bike to the ferry company said farwell with a weird feeling. Will it be in still good conditions? That is my hope and I am a lucky girl right....so all will be fine. Now waiting for a bus to get to the airport and then fly to Puerto Montt where the bike should arrive.  From -1 C to +18C that will feel good.


ADVriders posts:


Fun stuff! But it's confusing to me why you didn't choose to jump over into Argentina and come up Ruta 40.... is it too cold this time of year to do that?


Several reasons for that. Apparently winter is kikking in here sooner then normal. Some passes have snow and today it was mentioned 80 tourist trapped in pass with snow. I know it is not here but several people who are residents for years have mentioned that the snow has arrived early. I know what sudden snow can do. Here it is not waiting for a good day, it is a whole week of asking good weather. 2000 KM  stretch In addition to that a lot of gravel which slows me down. (yes my handicap may be) In addition to that it is getting cold, riding 6-7 hr daily for many days in -3C (25F) is not fun for me at this time. I said in the beginning of my thread it is a trip for fun. I have made it to Ushuaia and the return should be fun too. I will endure what is unavoidable but try to avoid it. Therefore I chose the route by ferry. Some travelers I met did it on the way South to get faster to Ushuaia, I chose the faster route back when weather gets bad. I think I made a good choice so far if I get my bike in hands with no issues.


An absoltely wise decision! I've met too many people acting way too self-confident and ending up in trouble.Go on just as it is convenient and you will finish your epic trip as fantastic as it has been for you up to now!Mucha Suerte!


Has tomado la mejor decisión! El invierno llegó muy duro al sur, además de los problemas políticos en Puerto Montt y Chiloé.


more and more fabulous pictures, truly an epic voyage and quite obviously wise choices about travel modes! as you well know to become older and wiser one must go through being younger and more foolish... safe travels.

DiasDePlaya said: 

Has tomado la mejor decisión! El invierno llegó muy duro al sur, además de los problemas políticos en Puerto Montt y Chiloé.


Que cosa! Ni lo hubiera pensado que sea tan duro de repente pero viendo la realidad es muy fácil apoyar la buena decisión. Me alegra ver que sabe disfrutar en vez de sufrir. Adelante, con gusto!

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