66-Back to crossing of the Estrecho of Magallanes

My trip is still not over....have to get back a LOT of kilometers North...suddenly looks like all is in short distance.....but no illusion. The ride back over the Pass was good again, not so much sun but dry and calm. Getting closer to Rio Grande my hands where getting cold again and had thought of an idea to help me out. 

Yes the suggestions you guys/ girls have given me are great, but had to find something quick and can find here in the small towns which do not have fancy supplies. I thought a car inner tube could be strong enough and waterproof if I could cut it and make some kind of protector. 

In Rio Grande,  a little tire shop had an old one and made this contraption. 

I do not know if it will work, tomorrow will be the test in the wind...I have good control of my brake and clutch handle. Still a lot of wind will get underneath, but if it rains hope it keeps most of the water away. 

Next day still a beautiful day and from there it was direction Puerto Natales. Had to cross again the section with Ripio, but I knew what was to expect. Made it to Cerro Sombrero short before the crossing of the Straight of Magellan's so we would not stay in line for the crossing.No luck, a full loaded ferry with trucks had priority and had to wait for the next one. The sun was out so I was nicely waiting in line in the early morning sun.

Then It was to cross with the ferry one more time and heading towards Puerto Natales.

When we got to Puerto Natales, well … … ..more surprises. We heard that just that same day they had made changes in the sailing vessels for the winter. The ferry ony takes cargo with cars and trucks going to Puerto Montt, but NO passengers.

This was a set back, when we though to have a nice relaxed sail to Puerto Montt. 

Sooooo..... some brainstorming and more research,…. there was the option to ride through Argentina the Ruta 40 with Ripio heading North and then over the pass in Bariloche back into Chile. It would take me the 2000 km a full 10 days of riding. I was not inclined to do that with winter kicking in and then cross high Pass in Bariloche with snow?   NO WAY!!

The two boys got into a heated discussion one of them did not want to take the ferry, while I was the most affected of the changes. Go figure! 

Flexibility is necessary in long trips and things can not go to plan. One has to take things at strike and look at the positive side of things.

On the other hand, the ferry for cars was scheduled to sail at a more convenient date for us. Cost of sailing would be much less and we could reach Puerto Montt by plane and have some extra days to see the Glaciers of Balmaceda and Serrano. I deicided for this option.

Went to the ferry company to confirm dates of sailing, also checked availability of planes to our destination and finally with a new plan the moods changed.

Thank goodness. Yes traveling with others can bring some discrepancies but it got resolved. Peace between the boys, ha, ha....


ADVriders posts:


Congratulations on making it all the way south and enduring some additional discomforts due to the time of the year!!!The pictures you've taken and the words you've written have been GREAT. Everyone see's and experiences things from their own unique perspective. Your report successfully shared that unique and interesting perspective and we are all the richer for it. Good luck with the rest of the trip as you work your way north to a port where you can ship your bike back to the land of Cheeseheads.Tim

This quote below by Mark Twain get's used a lot on this site but it still feels fresh every time I read it. Your ride report definitely supports this philosophy.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” Mark Twain


BuiltnotBought said: 

Just a tip on your wind protectors, keep an eye to make sure they are not putting constant light preasure, from the wind, onto you brake lever...!

More important/critical, your clutch lever. Keep the pressure off it so you still have the 1/2" or so of free play before the cable gets tight against the clutch throw out bearing. Wire hold back works, or if you have bark busters, those are perfect.



I do not think I have to worry, I have those bark busters you are talking about on my bike,

Result after riding, it protects my hands and with the cold -3 C º winds my hands did much better. Have not tried it in the rain yet.

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