65-Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia

After leaving Gallegos and thinking we would make it in good time to Rio Grande around 380 km. 

From Rio Gallegos, Argentina you cross again into Chile and cross with the ferry over the Magallanes Straight. The road continues South and shortly before San Sebastian you enter Argentina again. A lot of border crossings in one day!

Things did go different then expected.

All was roling fine, little wind but no big deal. Crossed one time the boarder into Chile, then rode with considerable more wind to the ferry into Tierra del Fuego which runs every 15 min. Stopped at the dock and waited to arrive for the ferry. It came, unloaded all the trucks coming from the South loaded again a whole set of trucks, going South but I had to wait for the next ferry. So chilling out and waiting, was a beautiful view over the sea with lots of white crests. Finally another ferry came and now was able to get on board. NO tie downs here, so stayed next to my bike for the trip watching it would not tip over. It was a good crossing but it was moving and water from the sea was coming on board. At the other side, rolled on land and continued on Ruta 3, smooth payment and happy I thought we would have plenty of time to celebrate Crick's birthday. 

Things did not go that way. Well if I thought 'Ripio' (gravel road) was over..........mistake. The new road being build but not usable. This delayed the whole ride. Still had to cross another boarder again into Argentina again, to make it to Rio Grande. Sections had strong winds slowing me down even more. The days are short here, so crossing all that ripio was no fun. Seeing during that section a finished road next to me was somewhat amusing. I was almost ready to cross over and ride on the smooth new pavement........but I did not. 

Eventually arrived to the boarder, the sun was setting with a beautiful view over the valley. I do not ride during the night, but had no option, by now winds had calmed down somewhat and only 1 more hour to ride and I would make it to Rio Grande.

Now ready to really celebrate,  Crock's birthday. It was the day of the workers, so no restaurants open. Only thing open, was a pizza place (what the birthday guy does not like) but a beer made it good after all.

Then the last stretch a 4 hr ride to Ushuaia more or less.

There was still some talk with Crick and Crock about slippery areas high up. I was not to concerned but just kept it to myself. Why would they have problems on 4 wheel!!….oh well!!!

We wold arrive there  early afternoo and the sun would have melted the frost. I could be wrong, but riding around noon with sun, my experience in the frozen Wisconsin have given me some insight how frost behaves, but of course ......I was not WI, but the most southern tip of South America just have some respect for mother nature

Slowly just enjoying the ride along the sea and then riding up the last stretch to the 'Pass of Garibaldi' I was just taking it all in. Thinking how lucky I was all the way up to that moment.

All the concerns of having a good last day for the last segment to reach the 'End of the World' have been resolved. A nice temp of 6 C (43 F) sunny and NO wind was a perfect treat. 



Some thing to keep your hands dry and warmer.You might make your own if you find a suitable material, or buy some.Riders have been know to use beverage containers and zip tyes.Nice photos...thanks for posting your Adventure !Cheers and well done!

My comensts to ADVriders cements:

I have to thank several of you for the suggestions of keeping my hands warm. I have the deflectors on my bike but the cold wind gets around. I have purchased some rubber gloves to put over my existing gloves when it rains, I had to remove them after a while. Even if I got the largest size XL they constrict my circulation on the fingers and makes it worse, so out with those. 

When it is dry I am fine, have been thinking to attach to the deflectors some sheep skin with zip ties. Just have to find the skin or any kind of material strong enough to hold the movement of the flapping wind. Was thinking some have plastic just to let it lay over the top of my hands. I am thinking....of what material to use. May be a peace of inner tube?? 

On the other side I am now also thinking on my options on how to ride up North. It all depends from where I ship my bike back to the US or Canada. Looking at a good possibility to ship from Santiago de Chile.

Therefore my route will probably go  from here to Puerto Natales. There I will take the ferry to Puerto Montt and from there ride up North to Santiago.

© Nina Boonacker 2012