60-Parque Nacional de Queulat

Next day I had a breather, I had enough of that stuff called “Ripio’ . I have memorized that word very fast ….ha, ha…

Every time I hear the word ‘Ripio' and ‘Construction’ from someone, my ears get very large and sharp. Immediately I focus on the conversation just in case it pertains to my route.I know some of you think how can that be a bid deal......well a heavy bike for not so strong muscles anymore for this Old Weed is a big deal, so…. .for those who read this you may laugh your heart out and … I will have the pleasure to think, I make many of you laugh or smile......ha, ha........ :) 

I am still hoping I will get better at this stuff…!!   ( I know I will !)

At the hotel they mentioned that the glacier ‘ Ventisquero Colgante de Queulat’ was open for the winter, just a 25 km South of Puyuhuaupi. The day should be clear so Crick and Crock and The Old Weed went on 4 wheels to visit that place. It was good for me to drive little further South with them, so I could get a feel for what was ahead of me the next stretch. 

We left little later to give time for the mist to clear the mountains.

Well, well ….further South was construction again with mud of course from the days before. In the hotel where we stayed they told us they had already several days of large amounts of rain so therefore all that mess.

Arrived at the parking area of the park and walked to see the glacier.


© Nina Boonacker 2012