55-Osorno Moto Repair

Ok,…. some little bad news.

My rack which supports my Mosko bags have cracked from both sides. I had received in Peru a hint from the Maverick riders to watch out that part of my rack and have been doing that. All was good until today. It is nothing serious but need to be addressed. I have a support vehicle Crick and Crock who have taken the bags in the car and tomorrow I will get it fixed in Osorno. 

In Osorno at MotoaventuraI had reserved some new tires for the mosquito bike. Good,.. two things can get resolved at the same place. My existing tire is still amazingly good for some miles, but I thought here is the place they have a good tire 'Heidenau K60’. The dealer Motoventural looked at the rack damage, but they do not do any welding and send me around the corner to a small shop where they can do this kind of things.

...next morning loading my side bags on again and heading towards the island of Chiloe.

Nice people……the women Dominique was the owner of the shop with her associate running the business. She, sold everything she had and started her business with Ricardo. So good to see that here too, women can run a more male oriented business. I can tell you she knows what she was doing!! 

Just: you have been so kind to send me reminders to check the subframe of the bike. finally I got to it today removing some of the plastic which was covering the weldings and I am fine.....for now... with that.

You see, I have so much support from so many riders here which is for the traveler of inmense help. I know if I have problems someone out there has a suggestion.

You guys ROCK!!

So some more pictures have been uploaded and I am going to show you again something different.


ADVriders Posts:

DiasDePlaya said:

This is a small shop in Osorno town, in a bigger city you can find better welders. As mechanical engineer I can tell you that is not a fine weld.

Amen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Jeff:

As a Machinist I agree. I am sure they did their best but it needs looking at again to ensure it doesn't fail down the road where there may not be facilities to repair it.Best Regards....just jeff


LOL, I don't think I would have posted a PIC of that job. You sometimes need to take what you can get out on the road.

Trailer Rails:

Even though the weld is not pretty, with the gusset, the load is spread across a much larger area and it is probably much stronger.


Hey you guys....the job is not perfect to your eyes. It has resolved MY problem and if it holds util I am home that is what counts. I paid 10000 pesos for it that is not even $10 US and wanted to give a tip and they did not accept it.......their answer was, we want foreigners to be happy in our country. The dedication and to put all the other projects on hold just for an 'OlD Weed' is PRICELESS for me. Just think the other place did not want to take the responsibility and just said they do not do welding. I accept imperfections, what counts for me is the willingness to help a stranded person. 

I am sure you would feel the same way as I did at the moment.

Mike S:

Abosit said: 

....wanted to give a tip and they did not accept it.......the answer was we want foreigners to be happy in our country. The dedication and to put all the other projects on hold just for an 'OlD Weed' is PRICELESS for me.

I like your narration about generosity and attitudes towards foreigners. You describe one of the many strengths of Latino social norms.

Don Ussery:

I don't think anyone is actually criticizing the weld. Anytime you have someone willing to step up and do their best is appreciated, no matter the cost or circumstances. I think the replies were based off the statement someone made calling it a "fantastic" weld. To say that a weld couldn't be found of that high a quality in the states ... or anywhere else for that matter ... is asinine and shows a lack of knowledge of basic welding. The guy did his best. He got you back on the road and did it in a polite and professional manner at a good price. Excellent!!! A positive example of many of the good people out there you don't hesitate to meet.  Thanks for bringing me along on your ride!

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