47-Colca Canyon, Arequipa

As agreed by all three of us staing one more day to try to see the condors in the Colca Canyon was a must. I had to keep an eye on the long road still ahead to Ushuaia and winter chicking in not very long. How much time do I need to get there without knowing what to expect was always on my mind when planning. 

Obviously Colca Canyon had to be seen!!


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From Hardroadking:   Incredible photos of the Condors Abosit !! Did you do this in an organized tour or did your find this viewing area on your own. If you did a tour, was this something you could have done on your own and if yes, do you know the name of the viewing area or have GPS coordinates? Keep up the great story telling and pictures.



We took a tour. You could have gone with the bike, what I do not know is that we had to pay an entrance fee to the town and valley. Yes they charge for everything. But I must say, the amount of information you get with a tour and the guide is incredible. The guides in Peru are very well prepared. They all where professional tour guides and have a min of 2 year of preparation. I think I would have missed out a lot if I had done it by myself. Name of viewing area...hm let me remind....it goes slow with me, butI will get the GPS coordinates to you, have to get access to it ...later OK?

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Colca Canyon is a magnificent gorge in the western Andes. The best place to stay is Chivay.
WIthin Colca there is a viewpoint, the Cruz del Condor. To get there you need to leave early, to get there before 8. The Condors roost on the cliffs and when the day warms up they beging flying along the cliffs before gaining enough height to disperse in search of food. Leave it too late and they'll be gone. The views of Condor are close and the birds are magnificent. The canyon itself is thousands of feet deep and the scenery is superb. In addition to this, at several points along the canyon there are ancient inca terraces

Here are my coordinates:

Coordinates:Latitud: 15° 36' 40,14" SLongitud: 71° 54' 23,412” W

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