5-To Medellin and surroundings

Next day I was heading South. Pedro took the plane to go back home and I was on my own.

Departure from Cartagena was slow and very hot. Crossing the city with all the traffic took me almost an hour. In a way I was lucky becuase the last Friday of the month there are no motorcycles allowed. So I had not little bikes summing along me in the city. To the contrary the taxis where all bussy and the streets where packed even at 7:30 in the morning.

Not long the countryside offered its view with more little houses and lots of trash along the road. I had to ride 350 Km approximately to reach the town of Caucasia.  I had decided to stay there overnight. I had made reservation In Hosteria Horizontes. A simple hotel and looked good on the website  with good price.

It took me 8.5 hr to reach Caucasian and was happy to stop.

Next day to Medellin. I had a friend Colleen arriving from the USA and spend some time with me riding in Colombia. I had to make it to Medellin before she arrived. I was looking forward to have a riding partner for a 10 days.


© Nina Boonacker 2012