43-Paracas and the Islas Ballistas

The big family group has split up, theh yougsters went back home, but two remain as my followers for a few days. My husband with long teeth with desire to participate part of the trip and his old friend from 50 years. I will call my followers as Crick and Crock. Yes they are a special duo together, creating their own mischief. :)

They have rented a car in Lima and are driving along behind me.  Peruvian rental cars can not be taken over the border, so the farthest they can go is to  Arequipa. Aproximate 1000 km further South. 

Intersting setup. Ha, ha.......specially in crazy traffic, or stuck behind the super slow trucks on the Peruvian mountains.....nothing we can not adjust to .......right?

So here I go, now escorted by Crick and Crock and keeping an eye on them to not loose them in traffic. I am normally planning the route and also the places where we would stay overnight. I had to do it for myself anyway,  so as well duplicate the itinerary. 

It is a different dynamic now but going smooth with no incidents. My route varies based on the on the conditions of road, distance and things to visti. 

Am I happy riding in my helmet, with my mosquito bike passing those black smoking engines crawling in rows of 3,4 and sometimes more trucks leaving almost no space in between them. Tucked in my helmet and peeking from behind the rear, is a game how to procede my pass.

So we left Lima and headed South first to Paracas, and then to Nasca, to see the Nasca lines.

The landscape again bare of vegetation and dry as a bone. Definetly it made me think plants, animals and including human kind have a very harsh existence in this part of the world. Every drop of water coming from the mountain is used for cultivation.Therfore as metioned before, it goes from dry to sudden green valley with a village and back to dry. Fascinating.

Can you notice, I love to oboserve landscapes? It is never boring.I have so many pictures that it is hard to select what to show, but will reduce some of it to keep up.

We reached Paracas, stayed overnight there so we could see early in the morning the preserved Ballestas Islands with lots of wildlife. We took a boat before the high tide comes in and had a beautiful view from very up close.


© Nina Boonacker 2012