29-The ride along the desert to Trujillo

Riding through those desert places some people think it is boring, not me,  I am really enjoying it. The dessert offers some different views I normally do not see in  Wisconsin. The shapes of the sand created by the wind, the vegetation trying to create a hold to grow on little perturbances are really amazing. You see how life is adapting to the most difficult places on Earth. As the humans do too.

So here are some more pictures of the scenery riding South.


ADVriders Posts;

Hi Abosit,

thank you for your report and the wonderful pictures.

Regarding your tires, maybe you already know this, but keep in mind that inner tubes are not completely air proof, because of micro-holes in the rubber. There are good and bad quality tubes, but all of them loosing more or less air. I don´t know when you checked the last time, but this could be the reason.Moreover, if you ride in colder areas and filled up in the warm, you will have a decrease in pressure by about 0,2 bar per 10 degrees.

On the other hand, if you check the pressure in the morning and again after 50 km at the gas station, the air in the tube will have heaten up. If you measure the same as in the morning, you will definetely have lost air.

Just a few thoughts.

Have a save trip.



I normally checked the tires every 2-3 days and before starting the day, so they are cold. But the difference in elevation could have been a factor still it was a lot. I had parked it in public parking overnight for 2 nights they had even put a chain, but the place had lots of cars coming in and out. I did not check the morning but the following so there is some time-lapse for things happening. My tires look good and no more leaking. I checked this morning after more then 12 hrs of standing still and pressure has not changes.When I arrived here in Chimbote, checked pressure while tires where warm, just to observe and was higher then in the morning. So that means for me it is holding the pressure.I will check now every day before leaving to see what happens. 

Thanks for your feedback.You see I am well taken care off here. You guys rock. I appreciate it a lot!

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