27-A Desert from Piura to Chiclayo

After my first night in Piura, Peru, I continued to Chiclayo. My family where to meet me in LIma, so had to evaluate my pace of riding to reach my desitnation and at the same time trying to see as much as possible in this part of the country. I was riding now following the Panama Highway (N1) along the very dry endless road towards the coast. Looking at the map I have a huge amount of Km to cover. And…..YES I love it!! 

In Chiclayo, the nightmare to find my hotel...one way directions where wrong on the GPS and other roads where closed off due to market or some kind of festivities.....but…for my luck,  at a corner there where some police officers on their bikes, they where all girls. I stopped and asked directions to the name of the hotel...they looks puzzled...then they called by phone to someone an finally two other police agents where guiding me now to the place. They got lost too, so I was almost half an hour riding behind or between the two agents with their beeb beeb and opening the road for me. 

What a service and after several twists and turns, we arrive at the hotel. The fun part was, at each intersection the police behind me was asking questions about my bike and even...how old I was. Ha, ha...Very nice girls and certainly they know how to ride a bike. My bike was wider with my luggage, so had a hard time following them through traffic.. but...at the end all was good. I wanted to take a better picture of the police girls and say thank you, but they took off…


© Nina Boonacker 2012