26-Crossing into Peru to Piura

Ok... now I have reached Peru, bad wifi yesterday so a few pictures from yesterday and from today.

Peru is not as easy for me as Colombia or Ecuador. First back to the heat in 100% humidity and 86ºF that takes a lot of my energy. The riding is fine the wind blows through my jacket and have no problem, it is the slow riding through towns bothering me.

The maps I downloaded for Peru are not very accurate. The one way streets seem to be opposite to what my GPS send me, therefore have to navigate through some other streets hoping to reach my destination. The traffic is a mess, slow and criss cross so have to concentrate on the GPS and see when they are going to cut me off. Still manageable. Today I had a very different scenery, going through part of the desert.


ADVriders posts:


For sure, do not avoid Colombia and Ecuador. They are very safe. From my experience and the discussion with other riders in 2015; these countries felt very safe. Peru for me felt not as safe and had a couple of encounters, specifically with driving specially around Lima and Cusco. I loved Colombia in every way. Ecuador is also safe; just avoid certain known areas; just like in any other country. If I can help, let me know.

My response:

Definitely, missing Colombia an Ecuador would be a great loss. From the 3 counties I have been riding so far now, Ecuador first then Colombia second and then Peru. Driving in Peru is really a test of patience and endurance. The heat in riding gear is...sweating constantly in the towns. There are no seasons so it will be always like that. The open roads are ok. Have not tested off road trails someone else may be able to fill in.
Ecuador has nice charming towns and nice cites if that if you have an interest in. Want to stay out of the heat, the 'Sierra' as they call it here is cooler and beautiful landscapes.
Colombia is wonderful too. The tropical landscapes are unique and people are very friendly. 
Only have good things to say about those two countries. As for Peru have to learn more to evaluate in fairness. It is a long country and I am only in the North now.
I feel safer here in those countries then in many places in the US. Hope that helps.

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