21-From Chucchilan-Lago Quilotoa-Baños

Next morning I continued to the famous old volcano lake 'Laguna Quilotoa’ a beautifull ride with great weather. What a pleasure to roll along these mountains.

After the visit I continued ridng over a high ridge again to the town of Baños.

Baños was a fun little town I passed a night. This morning I was heading towards Macas. A few Km out of Baños was a brand new road with beautiful indications to Riobamba.


ADVrider quiestion:

DownAndOut sid:


No reason to be in a hurry, so take a few days off now and then and get some rest; it's all to easy to push forward too fast and get road weary.Usually when I got into a bit of trouble it was because I had over extended myself on that day.Best to ride early to avoid the traffic and stop early to enjoy the villages and people.

There are so many amazing places in Ecuador and Peru to enjoy.Be sure to get off the PanAmerican and ride the secondary roads as much as possible; that's where the true character of the countries can be seen.Most of the mountain passes between you and Ushuaia run east/west and as such become detours but the most awesome scenes sit atop these passes and the climb and descent through the indigenous villages and their patchwork quilt fields is not to be missed.

Thanks for inviting us along.Many here have not lived as long as you but share your spirit of adventure.You truly are a inspiration to all of us.


You are very right about that. Early out and early stop, get a good meal afterwards and look around the new town what it offers. I know that and will remind me that often. That is the safest way to travel. Yes,.... it is a long ride South.... when I opened the map a few months ago I said to myself.. Uh,la,la … that is a long way.  I will listen to my body and and act accordingly. I am getting a nice feel of the pace these last days. One has to adjust to the local pace, and how things work here. I will linger a little longer here In Ecuador and then the more monotone stretches in Northern Peru, put a few hours more on the saddle.

This ADV community is wonderful. I know I am in good hands here.

Twester2 asked:

Are you single? 


My husband ( sorry TEWSTER2 I am married to a good man for 45 yrs) is following me and worried about if something happens. Therefore it is important to me to have the Spot running.


Abosit, I am glad to read that you are married to a god man for 45 years. Coincidentally, this is a "me too" situation, except that in my case I am married to a good woman. If, or better say, when you have a chance to communicate with your husband, please tell him that not only hi is a "good man" (I am using your own words) but also he is a very lucky one!

Take care of yourself and also of Gora 3. She will take you as far as you want to go. Just keep in mind that, since this planet is round, at the rate you are going and before you realize it, you may find yourself at the same point you started your dream ride. We will follow you in spirit.

Moosey said:

Gauner70, you guys ROCK!!! I can't wait to share a bottle of wine over some paella and listen to the stories!!


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