15-Popayán, Cauca

February 13-2016

Have arrived in Popayan, wonderful ride from the low areas of sugar plantation (Cali) to the higher grounds. 

I left early 7:30 to take advantage of a cooler morning. From the lower sugar lands,  I was slowly  reaching the hills and the cool breeze through my riding jacket was a pleasure.

The landscape slowly looked more rolling and the vegetation changing to more trees and pasture where cows where roaming free. 

Palm trees mixed with banana plants and other trees all I was not familiar.  Many here blooming with yellow or red flowers. The smell in the air was slightly sweet, I guessed due to the blooming vegetation. I inhaled deep and thought what a wonderful day :)

Of course once in a while I got the black engine smoke from the old trucks, but did not last. Soon I could pass and enjoy my ride again. The roads are well paved and sweeping well layed curves. You can lean in and have fun.

Still trying to be little conservative, because you never know who is coming from the other side.

Colombia is a beautiful country, and the people are genuinely friendly. Found a hostel in Popayan, always look close to the center even if les probability for parking, but today had special service to enter through a narrow door, the strong receptionist did do all the work of bringing the bike inside. Getting spoiled here!!  Popayan is a beautiful town, all buildings are white and clean. I like this town alreaddy. Now... out to look for  some place to eat something. Tonight will post some pictures. 

Hasta luego amigos.


© Nina Boonacker 2012