18-Ibarra-Otavalo to Quito

Left Ibarra after having a coffee near by, all was quiet still sleeping. 

I was heading towards Octaval and then to Quito.


ADVrider Posted…still with Spot suggestions:

Are you sure it is the Spot unit itself and not the service? I had issues when I was in northern SA where the Spot indicated that the message had been sent, but it had not. Satellite issues rather than Spot unit issues. I'd hate to see you purchase another and still be disappointed.

ADVrider  response:

That could be. Spot uses Globalstar whereas Delorme use Iridium. Iridium is the most comprehensive sat coverage.

Another ADVrider comment:

An objective evaluation of Spot vs Delorme In-Reach systems, along with some real world comments and results.:

I understand that the In-Reach subscription can be turned off/on when use isn't continuous and there are very reasonable stand-by costs....and I'm a cheapskate

My response:

Thank your all your info, you see, I am learning a lot here.

More responses: 

Hi all,

From Downandout:

No reason to be in a hurry, so take a few days off now and then and get some rest; it's all to easy to push forward too fast and get road weary.
Usually when I got into a bit of trouble it was because I had over extended myself on that day.
Best to ride early to avoid the traffic and stop early to enjoy
e. the villages and people.

You are very right about that. Early out and early stop, get a good meal afterwards and look around the new town what it offers. I know that and will remind me that often. That is the safest way to travel. Yes,.... it is a long ride South.... when I opened the map a few months ago I said to myself.. Uh,la,la ...that is a long way. I will listen to my body and and act accordingly. 

I am getting a nice feel of the pace these last days. One has to adjust to the local pace, and how things work here. I will linger a little longer here In Ecuador and then the more monotone stretches in Northern Peru, put a few hours more on the saddle.

I had received an invitation from Freedombikerental.com her in Quito to visit them. I accepted gladly, who does not want to talk to some motorcyclist when you are on the road!!! They where in close distance to me and could walk to them. They rent bikes and have lots of different self guided tours. Great guys, they gave me some great advise on side trip adjusted to my abilities. 'Priceless" This ADV community is wonderful. I know I am in good hands here.

Here the post:

From Freedombiker:

I imagine you have arrived in Ecuador - please do stop by our shop - we would love to meet you and provide you with some good routes and suggestions of places to visit here in this beautiful country.Welcome to Ecuador!


CourtRand: (Freedombiker)

I will try to pass by, no guarantees but will try. I met in 'Mitad del Mundo" two riders who had rented from you.The world is small in a way :)

Until later from 'The Old Weed"

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