A long 13 hr ride to reach Denver

Ohooooo this has been a day!!!!

a looooong day!!

We had to catch up with lost time yesterday.  So it has been almost 13 hrs on the bike but made it to Denver.          I started to call my two travel companions,  Crick (Pedro) and Crock (Alberto)

Our tourist, Crock comming from Spain does not like rain.......hm...but we where lucky today, the first drops of rain where coming down when we entered our rooms.

I belive Crock was vey tired , he had to get up a 5 AM and drive the whole day with no old good spanish ‘Siesta’!!

Yep all by his himself.  Learned quickly that the distances here in the US, are much greater than Europe.  

I have to give here some additional information about Crock. He said to us, he would never go to a Mc Donald, never pass a vehicle on the right side and never by a Garmin GPS.

Well he broke all of his rules with us, in a very short time. We laughed so hard getting tears in our eyes.

Crock takes his little idiosyncrasies in good stride and has a great sense of humor.

All was good.

There are so many little things we do not think about , but really confuses a foreigner who comes to this country.

So, lets see here, as we go,....... you want to fill up with gas.  Crock puts his credit card in the pump and guess what it asks for a zip code.

Yes so simple,.........but his zip code is not recognized in the database system here in the US.

He has to go inside and the attendant has to swipe his card manually. ............ Frustrating!!

Well the day went on, was boring on the interstate for a long time, but Crock manages to bring some excitement and do some mischief.

Pedro was leading  for a while because he was bored to death riding behind me.

Well Crock was apparently bored too, so decided to take some quick movie from us while riding.

There was no traffic heading South on 76 to Denver. Speed limit was 75 and we where going 80 mph so Crock decided to pass even us even faster and record us while riding, when suddenly, coming over the hill there was as police patrol waiting with a speed gun.

Yep.......that's right .....I saw in my rear mirror how he turned around came after us and passed Pedro and myself, but then turned his light on to stop Crock.

Oh boy......BUSTED!!

In Europe the police normally stops in front of the driver, so over the intercom we tell Crock to pull over and stop and ......so he does.....thankfully!!

Crock speaks minimal english, so we stop behind the police, but now a quick indication from the cop, we should move ahead, I lift my helmet and tell him he does not speak english!!

Move to the front, he said with authority.  OK I said......Pedro and I did that and I took my helmet off and walked to the scene and asked if it was OK to approach the police. Yes he said.

Quick I told him he was a friend from Spain, we live in WI and he is driving our car.

Police says:

    - he was speeding 86 in 75.

Now appears Crock out of the car and find an...... excuse.

Crock says:

    -Yes had to go pipi and wanted to let friends know is urgent.

Police responds:

     -Just passed the largest rest area!


       -makes little impatient jumps and crossing his legs signaling his urgency.


       - Need your drivers license (i translate for him)  and reports quick over his radio the drivers license info to check if there is a warrant out for him and I explain this to Crock.

I keep translating....confusion...Pedro is quiet, trying not get things more complicated but I notice he is fidgeting trying to hide a smile.

After some more talk....

Police, very friendly says: I will let you go as soon I get report back, so you can go to the next exit and find a restroom.

Crock: starts to make nervous movements again.

Police: starts to laugh

I had to do and extreme effort not to laugh and Pedro had to walk away.

Finally all was fine, with just a warning and we continued our journey but I reminded Crock to stop at the next exit as the police indicated and find a rest room in case the cop would check if the story was true!!

Just one thing I forgot .......that was, to take a picture of the situation!

Eventually all our boredom was cleared up and several hours later ended up in Denver.

Found a little Motel and had a good dinner.

Tomorrow would be another day with no siesta, .......with more mischief?

Myself the ‘old weed’, has to  keep an eye on those two.

We had a great day....unforgettable. Still smiling!!

© Nina Boonacker 2012