The day of departure

The day has come to head South. As always I was looking forward to the trip, specially after such a long and cold winter. Some warmer temperatures where really a pleasant thought.

I was trying not to forget anything for the trip.

The new paperwork of the bike, insurance and license plate was first of my list. Maps, GPS and photo camera. Clothing had to cover for warm and cold weather. Yes I had to come back to the cold, and hoped my driveway would be free of ice when I returned.

I estimated I would take 10 days for the trip with some sightseeing along the road.

My friend Lis would bring me to the airport sying farewell with a big hug.  I was soon in the air leaving Minneapolis Airport in 20F (-6 C).e

I had a stopover in Salt Lake City and had this beautiful view over the mountains.

When landing the pilot announced a temperature of 92F (33 C) . The warm air was a sudden shock.

Pedro was waiting for me at the airport and we went to our friends house to pick up my bike. The palm trees along Azusa Avenue always amazes me how graceful, tall and thin they are. We had a great dinner with our friends and after that we rode to the hotel.

My new license plate!!  GORA2

A beautiful view in the evening from their house over the illuminated city of Los Angeles.

Next morning very early we headed out to Amado, 30 miles South of Tucson, Arizona.

We had found out that there was the annual Overland Expo. With our spirit of adventure at least dreaming of them, we wanted to attend and spend the weekend there.

It was going to a long ride the first day. 

Stopped at the Colorado River for lunch and get close look at the  river.

Entered the dry Arizona with the typical saguaros  and cactus coming in sight.  

I was riding now through 101F (33 C)

Arrived at the 2011 Overland Expo in Amado under a blasting heat.

But very excited we start to explore it all offered.

We also attended to some demonstrations

And met a great traveling couple from Barcelona on their tour ‘La vuelta al mundo en 10 años” in their 4x4 Mitsubishi.

                          Their website:  

Next to them was the biggest overland truck, called the Unicat, What a contrast and a very different approach on how to travel around the world.

Over the years we have been following the life on the road of so we ‘Ara Gureghian and his dog Spirit’ so we decided to find him. He had a filed cooking class and we walked over to him and took these pictures after the class.

Pedro had once prepared one of his recipies and send him a picture of the results. He remembered and was delighted to hear that some one was using his suggestions.

His motorcycle  was here but not his dog.

Finally before leaving Amado we had a quick look at this unusual restaurant entrance.

© Nina Boonacker 2012