A day of exploring surroundings of Albuquerque

My friend Coleen flies glider planes and if the weather was cooperating she would take me in the air. I was very much looking to that, but.......the weather did not cooperate. Very strong winds from the West at 41m/hr

was blowing and keeping everybody on the ground. In spite of that, I had a chance to see the planes up close

and received an excellent explanation how those small planes operate. I had so much fun just seeing them and imagining how it would feel in the air.

We had planed to have some lunch somewhere and we rode to a small town called Madrid, where they had made the movie ‘Wild Hogs’. Here my friend leading the way.

Then we retracted our road to take Sandia Crest Scenic Hwy also as 536 , where we still found snow on the ground. When we reached the top we had this wonderful view over the city

then it was back home where I had a change to admire Mark playing the native american flute.

Oh he played beautifully!!

© Nina Boonacker 2012