Preparation for my trip to Mexico

My decision to visit Mexico was made and winter was closing in. Snow was looming around the corner in my neck of the woods. I had to decide fast what to do with my bike.

First, get it serviced right away and find out the best way to get it to Los Angeles, California in January 2010.

My friend lives in California. So we start from there and plan to head out to Baja California. How long?........I aim at 3 weeks.

Two options where on the table, put it on my son’s pickup truck and ride it South to Texas and then ride from there to L os Angeles or,..... ship it with a reliable transport company.

Decided for the last option which was safer in several aspects. I did not have to deal with the snow and it was less expensive too.

As you can imagine when announcing my decision to family and friends, the worry about the lack of safety in Mexico.

I have done considerable amount of research on how to prepare.

Speaking spanish and having lived in Spain, will give me a lot of advantages. As for safety on what places to avoid and things not to do, have found a lot of recent information offered on ADV and Horizons Unlimited by people who have been there.

I know one thing, I will not be the typical american tourist.

If there is some worry, I hope my bike will have no  ‘problemas’  and hope to survive the crazy mexican drivers. Will follow strictly the advise of many people,  NO driving at night.

I will carry a SPOT with me so you all can track my vagabonding in Mexico.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


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