9-To ‘La Bufadora’ and San Quintin

Started rolling this morning again. Little south of Ensenada is a point where there is ‘La Bufadora’. It is a blowhole sea water blowing every so often  high up.

I had heard that a large cruise boat was coming into the Ensenada, so we headed out early to avoid the tourist crowds. I was leading and slowly we made our way up to the point. The scenery was beautiful following the coast up to the ridge and down to La Bufadora.

Souvenir shops still closed!

…then continued South...

…stopped to refill and have something to eat...

…right across the road...

The road to the Observatory and National Park was closed due to the rain washouts, therfore we continued to San Quintin and stayed at this nice hotel for $27.00

Very clean and with internet.

© Nina Boonacker 2012