8-Ensenada one more day

Woke up this morning and Keshau came down with my flu, feeling miserable.

Decided to stay one more day here and let her recuperate some strength, but we went to another hotel where we could have the bike right in front of our room paying a little more but had Internet access( wireless)

When taking our bikes out of the mechanic shop, the owner called us to show us something. In a small room he uncovered with lots of pride and a big smile on is face a 1995 Goldwing. When trying to pay for our overnight parking he refused to accept any pesos. Motorcycle comradeship is all over the world.

After installing us in the other hotel, I went out to find a pharmacy, and discovered that there where more than expected. On one corner 4 pharmacies.

The street was lined up with them every 200’ and  my mind could not help playing some games with me, are they poisoning people here to create more business??

We came to the conclusion that it is probably due to the americans coming here and purchasing less expensive medicines.

While walking my way on the street, some local food vendors where preparing their stand.

I had my breakfast already so no tasting at this time, but will come back.

In the afternoon went to see the harbor and the Fish Market, fun to see the different variety of the daily catch

Had some tacos with fish, they say that it is typical tradition from Ensenada. They where very tasty!

Chated with the man from the stand about the daly life in Ensenada and eventually went back to the hotel to check on the patient.

© Nina Boonacker 2012