7-Jan-28-Day of departure

Returning from my quick trip to Holland, back now with a bright and sunny weather, we departed form the hotel at 9:15 in the morning.

We arrived at Tecate the northern section in the USA at  1:00 PM, filled the tanks with gas for the last time, grabbed a sandwich while another rider took a picture from both of us.

Here a view to the border where we crossed into Mexico.

Police let Keshau go by, but I apparently was more interesting an had to stop and show documentation and also open my boxes. Nothing to declare, eventually on to get the visas.

We parked the bikes under 'supervision' of the police and walked to the immigration office, then to the bank to pay for the immigration papers and again back to the first office where we received a stamp in our passport and a nice document ‘our visas’ allowing us to stay for 180 days.

A view from Tecate, MX boarde North the USA.

The ride to Ensenada was very nice. Beautiful mountains which where lush

from the recent rain, and where Keshau was able to take pictures while riding.

Found a small hotel, a student hostel for 300 pesos, it had not appropriate parking for our bikes, but the mechanic shop in front of the hotel let us park the bikes inside  his facility until the next morning 9 AM. 

After unloading the bikes,  and leaving our things in this place, walked in search of our first mexican restaurant.

© Nina Boonacker 2012