36-Heading North to Detroit

Sunday morning was time to continue my route taking a detour to Detroit following the Blue Ridge Parkway as long as I could.

Parts of the Parkway was closed due to some recent mudslides from the previous storm, therfore had to go off in some places to the regular road in the valley and then back up again where possible.

But first we all had a good breakfast prepared by our chef!!It was time to load the bikes. Jean and Jeff where heading back through Nashville and hoped to get through the flooded areas.

The route along the Easrt side of the mountain supposed to be rain storm free. JC decided to riding along with me for part of it.

Jean and Jeff leaving

Jeff from the back

First we followed along  the Little River until Hwy 411 which runs to Cherokee and then turned off onto Route 19, called the Blue Ridge Parkway.

…reaching the highest elevation 6053 feet...

…a quick stop to enjoy the view...

It was getting late and the landscape looked more desolate. We had to find a town to stay overnight.

Eventually reached the town of Little Switzerland where I found a place to spend the night.

The storms came over this town overnight and rain poured until next morning.

© Nina Boonacker 2012