31-From Dallas,TX  to  Springfield, MO

The day started with a beautiful sun and the temperature was ideal in the low 60F. I packed my things on the bike and rode off after saying good by to my family.

It took a while to cross the busy city, but eventually followed  Hwy 75, North  into Oklahoma.

Once entered the State of Oklahoma, stopped at the Information Center and received a map and continued to Stringtown where I got off the interstate to take the scenic route 43.

I tried to take a picture  from the road behind me and got myself.........not my plan!

Here a view from Clayton’s Dam

Had a little lunch at a gas station in Clayton, the only place in town where they served some food. There I was approached by another rider and chatted with them about the region. Then I continued my trip through some lower mountains


Followed  road 271 to Interstate 40,and then after entering Arkansas headed a recommended route 23 North through the Ozarks.

I had planned to refuel in a small town just of the highway in the town of Cass, but......no gas available there. Continued now through a gorgeous road through the Ozarks just hoping I would make it to the next town with gas available.

To my luck, here was the gas station not a mile to soon. I had been running for a long time on my reserve!!   I felt very relieved!!

Then continued enjoying the scenery  through the Ozarks, having the road all for myself.


Entering Eureka Springs avery nice little town.

Along the scenic roads where many farms with some ‘Real Happy Cows’,  and fun little calves running with the herd.

Finally crossed into Missouri and arrived at Springfield, just before dark.

© Nina Boonacker 2012