29-Feb-21-Crossing the border into the US.

This morning was the last stretch to reach the USA.

Left early, filled the tanks with gas in town, and rolled out to take again the Toll-road. Traffic was scarce and we made good time.

After crossing the smog filled town of Monterrey, made the last long stretch until Reynosa, there filled up with gas before crossing the boarder at the Pemex, and then in search for the Banjècito to arrange our exit papers. Handing back our import papers of the bike and canceling our visas.

Finally made it into the USA and headed straight to the hotel, Keshau’s bike had survived it.!

Now some e-mails back and forth with some TWF riders and a help was available. The motorcycle community is certainly always so helpful to give a hand to a stranded rider.

A member from TWF from Houston, was going to drive with a trailer to San Antonio (250 miles north of us) and pick Keshau up. She could stay with at her place until her bike was fixed. After the repair and depending on Kesahu’s  funds left for her trip, she would decide if she would go back to Mexico and continue her planned journey all the way to Panama.

It was clear our ride together was not over jet, and her bike had to overcome one more stretch to San Antonio. It had to hold this last distance one more time.

Left 8 AM in the morning and rode off, arrived at 12:00 at the truck stop as meeting point. While waiting for Rebecca we had a nice lunch and then she showed up.

After saying the last good bye I left direction Dallas.

I rode uneventful the remaining stretch to Arlington (Dallas, TX). Temperatures where dropping from 80F to 53F in a question of 1 hr when approaching the city of Dallas.

Snow was in the forecast the next day, so my trip would stop here until spring.

I had hoped to make it to Springfield, Missouri just 400 miles more North, but that was out of the question.

Stayed with my family a day, which I had not seen in a long time and enjoyed to see them all again.

Stored my bike in the back of their yard and took this last picture while snowing in the morning just before my departure to go to the airport.

I had a wonderful trip, great experience, adjusting to many different circumstances and admiring how kind and friendly the people in Mexico are.

I will definitely go back to see more of that country.

© Nina Boonacker 2012