28-Waiting for Keshau to reunite with me in Matehuala.

Keshau  received the coordinates of my location. When she left Cuernavaca I could follow her progress, thanks to her Spot, and I noticed that she was crossing through Mexico City. She was slow going through that area but doing some good mileage after she passed that congested section. In used my  time in the mean while, checking if there was any motorcycle repair shop for Yamaha and  found one. By talking to the Yamaha mechanic, noticed  that he was helpful and ready to have a look at Keshau’s bike, just to find out if she could make it to the US. They did not have spare parts for her but  they would have the knowledge to see the status of her bike.

After the little chat, I continued walking through the town, purchased some Jalisco music and took some pictures. Then I went back to the hotel to check on Keshau’s Spot one more time.

Finally I saw the Spot indicating Keshau was entering Matehuala, when I went to the entrance of the hotel I found her parking her bike.

A hug to each other was saying everything. She looked tired but happy from the long ride specially being all the time worried if the bike would hold up to the long trip.

A warm meal at the hotel restaurant and a conversation about her ordeal from the day before, riding through mud and rivers of water over the streets was our conversation for the evening.

I have come to the conclusion, GPS are fine but do not follow them by heart in Mexico, they can bring you through some not so good places.

After a meal we went and walked around town and I showed her where the Yamaha dealer was.

© Nina Boonacker 2012