15-A day of doing bureaucracy items

Started the morning with a fresh roll and for the first time after several days with a cup of coffee. Coffee is not consumed very often and if you find it, it is instant ‘Nescafe’. We had discovered a ‘Panaderia’ around the corner of the hotel and Keshau was eager to test her spanish by buying some rolls.

We had to get today to the bank to change cash for our vehicle import permit and ferry ticket. The bank was in walking distance, but for the permit we headed out to the ‘Banjercito’  with our bikes in case they needed to verify the “Vin number’. We received and address of the office but the wrong one and difficult to find, because the building had no sign or indication what so ever.  Eventually we found it, but where send to another office near the harbor at 17 Km away.

After lunch we decided to do some laundry at the nearest laundromat and in the mean time work on our web-sites.

Here some pictures from the street walking to the laundromat.

Back to the hotel we where hungry from running around for the complicated bureaucracy.

The food stand next to the the entrance of the hotel offered us some very good tacos.

Back at the hotel, Keshau was in the mood for a beer. Luck stuck us again, now we where invited to beer and conversation by some residents of the hotel here in the courtyard. Chatted with them about many places and life in Mexico.

© Nina Boonacker 2012