11-To the Oasis of San Ignacio

While loading the bikes Keshau noticed that  a bolt from the left front fender was gone. Temporary she put a zip-tie to hold it in place, but we had to find some replacement for it. Guerrero Negro was the best option we had.

From La Bahia de los Angeles, we retraced  40 miles back to the main road Mx-1 and  then south to Guerrero Negro.

We stopped along the road to take some pictures of the cactuses called ‘Cirios’

Once at the general main road Mx-1, we crossed  the 28 parallel which divides Baja California North from South.

Passed military control, which waved us through and soon we arrived in Guerrero Negro.

When entering town I started looking for some shop or mechanic place where they would have such a metric screw. Eventually found a tire/mechanic shop and rode right into the place. Suddenly Keshau stepped towards me with a serious face and said......you just passed through 3 stop signs without stopping.   

Ups..... I did?........hm, I did not see them due to been busy to look for a mechanic shop.    Oh well I thought, I am sure not the first one to do that, then walked to a mechanic and asked if they had metric screws.....no we don’t, was the answer.   Do you have some old screws around......no...we throw them away!  I did not give up and I went to another mechanic and showed them a sample screw and asked if he had something like that.......he walked to a box with lots of metal junk...and here it was same thread and same length.   We where lucky, problem was now resolved. 

Now, time for lunch, I was hungry  and after a few more turns, found this place.

IMG 5354

Clams, refried beens, rice and salad …..was delicious.

Then continued our trip towards San Ignacio. We had read that it was a nice missionary town located as a oasis in the middle of the dessert. The road became straight and monotone, but eventually reached this view.

and after leaving the bikes and our things in the roomcabin, walked we walked back to the plaza and find a  Internet cafe’

IMG 5371

© Nina Boonacker 2012